Restoring civil liberties

Tripartite school system,ban politics from education.

Front of 70s secondary school building with trees

It is vital to restore an honest and high standard educational system;Present levels of aspiration are deplorable and offend hte civil rights of every child in the public sector.selective schools for academic children ,technical(practiacal skills-based schools), properly equipped(old secondary moderns were not) with apprenticeships to follow,business-orientated schools.Appropriate worthwhile qualifications as valued by employers.Education policy has not been thought through for decades and is now chaotic and most foreigners receive a far better education. Parents should insist on these rights.

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The UK Democracy Trust

Lady justice statue form below

The idea is to set-up a giant trust called the UK Democracy Trust that is funded my philanthropists and any other UK or foreign individuals or companies.

The trust would then set-up a payout structure to all political parties, in order that taxpayers or party donators would no longer have to do so.

The structure could be say £15mln per election to each major political party, £5mln a year to medium size parties, and £1mln a year to fledgeling parties. A total payout of say £75-100 million if there are only 3 parties per size class.
(there would be fair eligibility requirements to be classes in a particular funding segment)

The funding would come out of the accrued earnings of the trust, which would have to be approximately £1-1.5bln in size.

Donors would be encourage to donate in support of a true democracy where political parties are not funded directly so as to reduce conflicts of interest, etc. etc. Hence the reason it would be called the Democracy Trust. As such large donors could be publicly recognised for their donations.

All donations would also be tax deductible, as the trust would be a registered charity.

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Children should be cut loose from immigration knots

Citizenship ceremony UK

Any immigrant invariably of their immigration status, if they have dependent children above 5 years of age who are attending school should be the matter of concern to immigration authorities trying to implement harsh rules on their parents because indirectly the pressure of parents will have an effect on the children as well. For what fault of theirs are they being made alienated from the land they were born and broughtup. They know of only whats happening now and to leave a scar in their hearts at that tender age is impermittable. Govt. must change the scenario and do justice to young hearts out there playing merrily with their pals not knowing the authorities are to detour their fate any time as they wish.

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Add criticism into relgious education.

Jesus Christ

I propose that equal criticisms of all religions should be taught in schools.

The entire key stage 4 of religious education is about Christianity and what the bible says. There should be sections on using logic to defeat god, evidence against relgion, bible criticisms, the evil in the bible (millions of murders in the name of god or ordered by god) or the morality of relgions that are wrong.

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