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Restoring civil liberties

The UK public have submitted 5903 law change ideas relating to Restoring civil liberties.

All Restoring civil liberties ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Compensation for people prosecuted and found not guilty rnock 2 Comments
Scrap the CSA / CMEC and Rewrite the Child Support Act spudhead 2 Comments
Restrict Immigration to UK Born Citizens ! Jon 2 Comments
Abolish the London Congestion Charge to get London working kburns 2 Comments
stop schools from fining parents for taking children on holiday kathywil 2 Comments
Stop compulsory worship in schools bevsan 2 Comments
Stop building houses on arable/farm land amylou 2 Comments
marriage visa age back to 18 sherry 2 Comments
Women should be free to go topfree snide 2 Comments
ABOLISH THE CSA kativo66 2 Comments
That the UK conforms to Article 9 of the ECHR and stops jailing people for their beliefs anexcon 2 Comments
restriction of powers relating to listed buildings fredkeeling 2 Comments
Limit Listed Building regulation to public features listed StanleyMackintosh 2 Comments
Replace Donor cards with non-donor cards Darklights 2 Comments
Compensate motorists who successful appeal parking tickets seanhodges2 2 Comments
Classic/Historic Cars & VED lesliebutton 2 Comments
Abolish the ‘Challenge 21/25’ requirements when buying alcohol Patricia Haywood 2 Comments
Make it illegal to cold call your telephone freelance 2 Comments
Noisy Helicopters – scrap the CAA Regulations allowing low flying studebaker47 2 Comments
Stop compulsory fitting of Water Meters IZZY 2 Comments
OAP’s to retake Driving Test. Crispy 2 Comments
Cyclists should be insured and carry a registration plate figaro 2 Comments
Stopping the disenfranchisement of expatriate British citizens. DontTakeMyVote 2 Comments
Repeal the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Fifi 2 Comments
The government MUST review CRB checks as well as the Vetting and Barring System scruples 2 Comments
‘Ban’ smoking ban in pubs. Give the Landlord/Landlady the choice. dali 2 Comments
IPCC and CPS Clearly Not Fit For Purpose rwhelan 2 Comments
Abolish 0870 and 0845 numbers tuppennyblue 2 Comments
Stop Solicitors stealing from the Dead, – repeal the Solicitors Act 1974. crfc 2 Comments
Withdraw free NHS treatment for smoking-related diseases in people who smoke mediusfidius 2 Comments
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