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Restoring civil liberties

The UK public have submitted 5902 law change ideas relating to Restoring civil liberties.

All Restoring civil liberties ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Foxhunting amillar 2 Comments
Stop the DVLA from crushing cars if people don’t pay road tax plucas 2 Comments
That people who wish to associate together should not be forbidden to do so. junican 2 Comments
Legalise Psilocybin Mushrooms GabrielSW 2 Comments
Allow dogging and outdoor sex rosie 2 Comments
Adjustment to PPG2 to clarify what is meant by disproportionate extensions in Green Belts and to ensure planning approvals are more fairly assessed. ifitaintbrokedontfixit 2 Comments
£45 per week maximum housing benefit. prescottrh 2 Comments
Stop women being held in custody or arrested by male police officers TaraADavison 2 Comments
Reform the law that stops gay people getting married Samitch 2 Comments
Repeal the Digital Economy Bill maxbiaggi 2 Comments
Allow the sale of fried fish on Sundays mjtncul 2 Comments
Enact the Bank of England (Creation of Currency) Bill 2010 gswanson 2 Comments
Free The Naked Rambler atlantical 2 Comments
CCTV Rules and Regs – a proposal for their use. dmcenroe 2 Comments
CSA – remove the link between access for the NRP and level of contribution theelephantman 2 Comments
Equal Rights for Fathers jgregory 2 Comments
Stop the Government Stealing ‘Adoptable’ Children FayWilliams 2 Comments
Ban Tobacco Sales ClaireS073 2 Comments
Permitted Development Rights – Planning JWarton 2 Comments
Drop all support for convicted murderess Linda Carty Patricia Haywood 2 Comments
Scrap MPs rights to claim for food allowance mainly shopping mwilde 2 Comments
Ladies sanitary wear hookit 2 Comments
A life sentence should mean life bansell 1 Comment
Remove Local Councils ability to use RIPA – Serious Crime/Anti Terror laws Kranker 1 Comment
Replace Jobseekers Allowance with guaranteed part time work ng1808 1 Comment
Repeal the 24 hour Licensing Act pjmiller 1 Comment
Introduce an Experimental Aircraft classification navierstokes 1 Comment
Offer the electorate a Referendum on Capital Punishment fmh 1 Comment
Repeal the Obscene Publications Act of 1959 and 1964 asdasd 1 Comment
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