Restoring civil liberties

one- minor- single-first- mistake-misunderstanding and a police caution for life its completely unfair..this way caution becomes lifetime punishment..every day one has to live with caution…depression…humiliation…for single mistake for life..job prospect becomes limited lead to frustration and unemployment..UK police… Government must give positive chance for single -minor mistakes cautions and must not punish any one to suffer every day and night with it ..else caution is life time punishment not slap on wrist and ruining life for single mistake is not right – single caution must be removed from Enhanced CRB after 3 years to allow and support victim of caution to live normal life and not made them suffer for lifetime..its unfair if you don’t give enough support and chance to live normal life after single mistake

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Protection of burglars’ identity


We continue to see reports in our local paper of burglars convicted, and asking for large numbers of other offences to be taken into consideration. Most have a record of similar offences stretching back years. Yet police are apparently not allowed to confirm or release the identity of these people to, for example neighbourhood watches.

Offenders with long histories should lose their rights to privacy, with their identity released to Neighbourhood Watches.

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Laws on Nudity


The laws on nudity in public are too ambiguous and open to personal interpretation by local magistrates. It should be clear and unambiguous – either it is an offence to be naked in public or it is not. Proof of intent is virtually impossible to prove or disprove.

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Help for parents going through forced adoption

Father and daughter holding hands from back

Help advise parents to now how to beat ss and not let them take any more children from loving parents the courts and social service and your own breif are in it together to work against parents so they loose no matter what u dont get to speak in court to address the judge or judges the soliciators are curupt and so are the judges david camron passed an order for social services to take as many children from familys weather the parents are good parents i am letting u know this because i have lost my children to our state an social service and i wont prevent it happening to anymore parents

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