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Restoring civil liberties

The UK public have submitted 5903 law change ideas relating to Restoring civil liberties.

All Restoring civil liberties ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Remove Qualified Privilege mm 1 Comment
motorhome stopovers b5rny 1 Comment
scrap metal should not be classed as waste skipdiver 1 Comment
Make party whips illeagal Patricia Haywood 1 Comment
Repeal the 24 hour Licensing Act pjmiller 1 Comment
Introduce an Experimental Aircraft classification navierstokes 1 Comment
Offer the electorate a Referendum on Capital Punishment fmh 1 Comment
Repeal the Obscene Publications Act of 1959 and 1964 asdasd 1 Comment
Right to concealed carry of firearms for self-defense Simlatio 1 Comment
An “Engishman’s” (or anyone elses) home is his castle vaellis 1 Comment
Remove Local Councils ability to use RIPA – Serious Crime/Anti Terror laws Kranker 1 Comment
Replace Jobseekers Allowance with guaranteed part time work ng1808 1 Comment
Give pedestrians rights to the pavement MikeG 1 Comment
Compensation for the wrongly accused INJUSTICE 1 Comment
About airlines and others charging for debit card use. junican 1 Comment
ban foreign ownership of British media bthorpe 1 Comment
Consolidate the TV license into general taxation noquickfix 1 Comment
We should have a “Right to Roam” on English waterways fawkes 1 Comment
Remove the religious exemptions in employment legislation in relation to sexual orientation or gender jezzapezza 1 Comment
Stop Forced Adoption of Children stephenwicken 1 Comment
Repeal Section 63 of the CJIA 2008 (“extreme porn”) oscarw 1 Comment
Raise motorway speed limits whitevanman 1 Comment
Tax Foreign Vehicle’s on our roads. taz26200 1 Comment
Legalise polygamy Albatross 1 Comment
Householders DIY window replacement & electrical work richardinwales 1 Comment
Leave the House of Lords alone jmd 1 Comment
Ration Books for those on Benefits sharonyfs 1 Comment
To allow us to buy ‘Bangers’ again on Firework Night halecrater 1 Comment
Abolish the paper “counterpart” driving licence tonywalton 1 Comment
Improve access for wheelchairs on trains wsw 1 Comment
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