This loud very loud popping noise causes sever anxiety not just in people but especially animals my American bulldog nearly died by not eating had to buy calming medicine not that its worked. So we bought another bully for her a boy a companion for security and love and he absolutely hates them he tries to go for them vehicles now !.. They also scare people especially elderly it’s just not fair. Now my girl bullies refuses to walk and she’s getting fat how do you drag a big dog out if they don’t want to go at my wits end I wish they would just pop pop off thankyou

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Stop and search

A lot of these idiots are driving around on a weekend night. What exactly are they doing? The ones round here spend a lot of time in the bus stops and parked up. Are they just hanging out? I doubt it.

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Energy Performance Certificates

Two round holiday cottages one blue one pink

We own a single property which is available for holiday lets throughout the year. Can you explain why I need an energy performance certificate? Do you think my guests are really interested? Do they not just want to enjoy their holiday? This is just an additional expense and regulation placed upon property owners for no additional benefit to anyone other than the contractor carrying out an inspection and is completely needless, unlike fire assessments and landlord’s gas certificates. I can see that many owners, such as ourselves will decide to discontinue providing holiday accommodation if the burden from regulations becomes, as it seems, ridiculous.

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