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The UK public have submitted 13328 law change ideas relating to Your Freedom.

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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Ban loud vehicle exhaust modification wormstir 328 Comments
Remove cautions from CRB fedupofinjustice 286 Comments
Stop Forced Adoption of Children stephenwicken 178 Comments
Amnesty for illegal Immigrants tweltie 145 Comments
Seagull culling sgriffin 132 Comments
Living in a temporary dwelling on your own land pennyb 124 Comments
Police Reprimands should be struck off Enhanced CRB when received as a minor dhfreeman 115 Comments
Part P of the building regulations scrapped! garyl 92 Comments
Ban horses from public roads. SpinDonkey 80 Comments
Allow Grade II listed properties to have slim double glazing Patricia Haywood 78 Comments
Over the Counter Painkillers domino 70 Comments
Ban The TV Licence Joanne 70 Comments
Beware of the dog sign laws jacdore 64 Comments
Drop The Driver CPC paulhadley 63 Comments
Allow Illegitimate Children Citizenship Through Their British Fathers tsprague 55 Comments
Cancel the FM switch off completely Patricia Haywood 54 Comments
Bikes should be registered and cyclists taxed and insured Patricia Haywood 54 Comments
Ban Bonfires kjones 48 Comments
Reducing metal thefts by new rules for scrap yards cknipeuk 48 Comments
Get rid of the BBC eli 46 Comments
Legalize Segways, Go-Peds and other personal electric transporters hussein 45 Comments
Remove the ambiguity re bank holiday use of bus lanes bookmarklee 41 Comments
End discrimination against the English language in Wales homerun 35 Comments
Noise polluting reversing alarms on heavy goods vehicles TimDE 34 Comments
Revoke the 10mph speed limit on Lake Windermere NikTheGeek 34 Comments
Scrapping the CPC for drivers- immediately. Vern 33 Comments
Enhanced CRB Checks (Unproven malicious allegations) Smithy98 33 Comments
Footpath closure where footpath goes through home/garden/drive. cgregory 32 Comments
Stop police closing roads to investigate accidents. tonymlv 29 Comments
Everyone should pass the same HGV test to get Licence to drive on UK roads. Disillusioned1 29 Comments
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