Your Freedom

Radio 4's tedioulsy smug serial drama "The Archers" consistently fails to represent a cross-section of British society.

Ambridge is shamefully devoid of immigrants, refugees or religious minorities.

By casting white, middle-class, rural people the show fails to represent modern farming which is clearly diverse and tolerant to all groups of people (I admit that there is a Geordie cast-member these days but I don't think she can be considered to be an ethnic minority)

The occaisional gay, lesbian or trans-gender cow wouldn't go a miss either.

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Right to choose smoking or non smoking

Cigarettes and ash

Whilst I agree that non smokers should have a right to choose a non smoking environment, smokers and pubs should also have the right to choose otherwise.

Pubs should be able to apply for a licence for smoking, which would be reviewed similarly to other licences such as opening hours and entertainment etc. 

The effect of the smoking ban is well known, with smaller, local pubs going out of business.  This is pushing drinkers into large town centre pubs, contributing to the violence and disorder often seen in and around these pubs. 

There is also increasing evidence for a link between higher rates of domestic violence and the smoking ban.  Just Google this if you don’t believe it!

By allowing the licensing authorities to decide which pubs can have smoking areas it would be easier to control drinking areas and behaviour.

Similarly, where sole traders use their vehicle for work, they should be allowed to apply for an exemption to smoke in their vehicles.

An outright ban is undemocratic and unfair on those that do want to smoke.  Non smokers can go to non smoking pubs, smokers can go to smoking areas in smoking pubs.  Everyone happy? 

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In most of Europe, it is currently perfectly legal to live in a caravan or camper or log cabin, any temporary dwelling in fact, without planning or other permissions on land which you own.

In this country it is not allowed.  What I would like to see is the abilty for those who wished to, to live full time on their own land, in a temporary dwelling.

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