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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Listed building planning laws Parvatithecat 2 Comments
Repeal charitable status for “the advancement of religion” wiztwas 2 Comments
Lets have a referendum on the Death Penalty. kparks 2 Comments
Charge D.E.F.R.A. with following up on all notifiable plant notifications JMVivian 2 Comments
Re-introduce rolling tax exemption for classic vehicles jed49 2 Comments
Pensioners cannot have carers allowance Scorpio 2 Comments
Give Communities the Power to Deal with their Own Food Waste CommunityCompost 2 Comments
Metricate Britain MetricisBritish 2 Comments
Abolish CRB Checking watts 2 Comments
Allow ownership of 2mm pinfire revolvers realist25 2 Comments
Cancel British Summer time – GMT always rnock 2 Comments
Abolish 1515 Sunday Archery Law freethinker 2 Comments
£45 per week maximum housing benefit. prescottrh 2 Comments
Repeal or Modify Part P of the Building Regs retiredceng 2 Comments
Abolish the TV / BBC License FEE albertthecontrarian 2 Comments
Add all bull terriers and rotweilers to dangerous dogs act dazco 2 Comments
ABOLISH THE CSA kativo66 2 Comments
Combine pension and deferred state pension claims horrorsbob 2 Comments
Restrict Immigration to UK Born Citizens ! Jon 2 Comments
Abolish retrospective planning permission and restrict the 28 day rule JEF 2 Comments
Reduce road tax for historic cars to 25 years jcain1 2 Comments
Stop compulsory fitting of Water Meters IZZY 2 Comments
Reduce restrictions for dog walkers SteveKetteringham 2 Comments
Ammend The Housing Act 2004 riggers 2 Comments
Adjustment to PPG2 to clarify what is meant by disproportionate extensions in Green Belts and to ensure planning approvals are more fairly assessed. ifitaintbrokedontfixit 2 Comments
Make SORN a one-time action, i.e do not require renewal mjtncul 2 Comments
Stopping the disenfranchisement of expatriate British citizens. DontTakeMyVote 2 Comments
Allow smoking back inside pubs by providing segregated well-ventilated rooms smgray 2 Comments
LOUD MUSIC IN CARS susepp 2 Comments
IPCC and CPS Clearly Not Fit For Purpose rwhelan 2 Comments
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