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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Allow the sale of fried fish on Sundays mjtncul 2 Comments
Remove Credit Reference Agencies Right to a Persons information without our permission pat1 2 Comments
Foxhunting amillar 2 Comments
Enforce the 1698 Bill of Rights Act. RJohnsonTaylor 2 Comments
Legalise Psilocybin Mushrooms GabrielSW 2 Comments
Scrap the CSA / CMEC and Rewrite the Child Support Act spudhead 2 Comments
Remove part P of the building regulations Booker 2 Comments
IPCC and CPS Clearly Not Fit For Purpose rwhelan 2 Comments
Withdraw free NHS treatment for smoking-related diseases in people who smoke mediusfidius 2 Comments
OAP’s to retake Driving Test. Crispy 2 Comments
abolish the trailer test tstokes 2 Comments
Keep analogue FM and long/medium/short wave radio mjjames 2 Comments
Repeal Section 29JA of the Public Order Act 1986 dwilkes 2 Comments
Ban Tobacco Sales ClaireS073 2 Comments
Peddlars Act mhodges 2 Comments
End discrimination in Wales against the English language homerun 2 Comments
IPP SENTENCES mark100872 2 Comments
abolish the smoking ban ellyfant 2 Comments
Listed Buildings – Relax Rules lessimon 2 Comments
Women should be free to go topfree snide 2 Comments
Repeal the overtaking on the left motoring law mart1054 2 Comments
CHANGE MOT TO EVERY 2 YEARS pn123 2 Comments
Historic Vehicle Tax needs reviewing! davidjcasey49 2 Comments
Cyclists should be insured and carry a registration plate figaro 2 Comments
Smoking licenses for pubs daniel12345 2 Comments
Listed Building Consent laplennerie 2 Comments
‘Ban’ smoking ban in pubs. Give the Landlord/Landlady the choice. dali 2 Comments
single double summer time blanch 2 Comments
Proceeds of crime act 2002 et seq – repeal this unfair and draconian act ken1962 2 Comments
Listed buildings bratty 2 Comments
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