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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Replace Job Seekers Allowance from cash to voucher system kevintaylor2 24 Comments
Footpath closure where footpath goes through home/garden/drive. cgregory 22 Comments
Pension equality for ex-service veterans agedcitizen 22 Comments
Use of agricultural land for 14 days a year for Motorcross Track rknight 22 Comments
Classic Car VED Exemption oldgifford 21 Comments
No IVA/SVA for kit cars fortyniner 21 Comments
Job Seekers Allowance – New Rules addy1978 18 Comments
Abolish the ban on recording court proceedings ALISTAIRKELMAN 17 Comments
Self Defence: Legalise non lethal offensive weapons. DawnOfJustice 17 Comments
Cautions and ‘relevant information’ removed from CRB Checks scruples 17 Comments
Withdraw the Victim Surcharge justapublicservant 17 Comments
‘Phone number withheld’ legislation PChapman 17 Comments
Abolish Welsh Assembly Government saelegirl 17 Comments
Remove the rules which freeze our state pensions abroad. samara 17 Comments
That unemployed people should be allowed to hunt rabbits and such. junican 16 Comments
Police cautions to have 4 year expiry catman 15 Comments
Replace the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) and Forfeiture sarah 15 Comments
Get out of Europe autochthony 15 Comments
Removal of All SPENT Criminal Records from PNC, etc stevenpruner01 15 Comments
Public Nudity bobby 15 Comments
Restore the old police uniform felixhardinge 14 Comments
Planning restrictions on Grade II listed properties & climate change Druidnews 14 Comments
Tenant Blacklist tomburkett 14 Comments
Grade II listed buildings to be re-graded as ‘Grade III’ StanleyMackintosh 14 Comments
Remove the Parental Responsibilities of a voluntarily absent parent merlinw 14 Comments
Bring back the Death Sentence mommytotwo 14 Comments
Let EYPs teach in nursery and reception classes Luisa27 14 Comments
Remove cautions from CRB Checks scruples 13 Comments
abolish ipp sentences rlister 13 Comments
Clarification of Planning Classes with regards to C3(b) and C2 DeborahC 13 Comments
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