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The UK public have submitted 13383 law change ideas relating to Your Freedom.

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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Abolish the CSCS and SIA eggcatcher 12 Comments
Road Tax To Be Put On Petrol cellison1176 12 Comments
Mobility Allowance lonely1973 12 Comments
Repeal the ban on TAC airguns (ie: Brocock) Radium 12 Comments
Charge for A&E care if a person is intoxicated. PragmaticPhilospher 12 Comments
Remove all planning regulations on use of holiday homes hazela 11 Comments
Repeal the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 LibDemActGrouphumanrights 11 Comments
Allow established illegal immigrants a chance to “buy” their citizenship biggerpicture 10 Comments
Leylandii Hedge Law Maria 10 Comments
Abolish business rates AdamJacobs 10 Comments
Re-Introduce National Service for youth unemployed. tapsnapper 10 Comments
Abolish Chancel Tax (Steeple Tax) Liability jcollomosse 10 Comments
Stop abuse of mobility allowance Kergudon 9 Comments
Remove reversing alarms from vehicles tzvelo 9 Comments
Naturism in Public Places BritishNaturism 9 Comments
Make it illegal for recruitment agents to advertise jobs that do not exist haydene 9 Comments
Get rid of agricultural tie restrictions on dwellings adamgrower 9 Comments
Decriminalization of TV Licence Non-Payment ianrmillard 8 Comments
Engage Met Police to reduce siren usage u886434 8 Comments
Legalise sex with animals asdasd 8 Comments
Retain FM radio pbrett 8 Comments
Parish Council abolition Londoner284 8 Comments
Police Cautions Need an Urgent Review anthony2010 8 Comments
Cats need to be controlled Pitchfork 8 Comments
Allow cycling on pavements theLaw 8 Comments
The TV License re-evaluated LRichards 7 Comments
Remove restrictions on ‘undertaking’ on motorways TonyWood 7 Comments
Delete police records on the police national computer. Midas 7 Comments
VCR Act – Blank Firing guns Spooky 7 Comments
Raise Motorway Speed Limit to 100MPH & Scrap 20 MPH Zones Rationalist 7 Comments
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