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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Delete police records on the police national computer. Midas 7 Comments
Repeal Jeremy Clarkson democrat 6 Comments
Remove Holiday Home Restrictions millervilla 6 Comments
Abolish all Leasehold Residential Laws and replace with Commonhold healearch 6 Comments
Ban forced adoption and save £millions asimak 6 Comments
Abolish QTS skills tests for university graduates nickjenkins 6 Comments
Remove the Hazard Perception Test element of driver training. springnuts 6 Comments
Stop Incapacity Benefit for “Depression” riggers 6 Comments
Repeal the Welsh Language Act 1993 gadgetgrabber 6 Comments
An amnesty for illegal immigrants already here diogenes 6 Comments
Reinstate Rolling Historic Road Tax Coozer 6 Comments
Bring back corporal punishment atmbeveridge 6 Comments
stop giving non working immigrants benefits and houses onlymesothere 6 Comments
Collect TV licence with council tax to reduce collection costs ianmurray5 6 Comments
Ripa act – privacy stolen GMonti 6 Comments
Raise motorway upper speed limit mwparfitt 6 Comments
Repeal and change the Smoking Ban WHag 6 Comments
Apply ethnic quotas to the cast of “The Archers” tinkywinky 6 Comments
Section 5.3(a) of the Regulation of Railways Act 1889 – Travelling on Railway without paying fare. Patricia Haywood 6 Comments
Stop racism against the ethnic English jessy 5 Comments
Education for Police Officers stoneshed 5 Comments
Scrap the renewable energy MCS registration scheme paulb487 5 Comments
Save money by getting rid of all PCSO’s culliott 5 Comments
Cancel listed buildings restrictions on residential buildings rnock 5 Comments
Remove benefits from people who can’t speak a British language JamesBowes 5 Comments
Lift Restrictions on Unisex Toilets nmoran 5 Comments
Abolish the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Quango gwrz1200 5 Comments
Extend VAT relief to the repair and maintenance of listed buildings AGRATER 5 Comments
Tractors to be banned from using main roads during certain hours Glumlock91 5 Comments
Vastly reduce the number of pointless automated announcements at major railway stations. smgray 5 Comments
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