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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Legalise Balisongs/Butterfly Knives. jhutchison 5 Comments
Lets lift the smoking ban it’s killing England THEONE 5 Comments
Vet Bills and VAT dawn10538 5 Comments
Cycling on the footpath gwalker 5 Comments
Abolish the stock exchange Patricia Haywood 5 Comments
Reducing Reoffending – Employing Ex Offenders and Equality Legislation Dazzak 4 Comments
scrap cscs cards skipdiver 4 Comments
Right of First Refusal for Councils and Housing Trusts Patricia Haywood 4 Comments
Scrap Part P Accreditation Bodies edgar 4 Comments
Criminal records should be deleted after a suitable period brianbaker8 4 Comments
Remove legal protection from herring gulls pafc 4 Comments
Reinstate Imperial measure over European metric measure dmwelch54 4 Comments
Stop printing signs in Welsh and English in Wales JMVivian 4 Comments
Repeal the CJ&IAct 2008 s49sch10 which treats cautions as ‘convictions’. scruples 4 Comments
Bring back Conscription TanyaPetrena 4 Comments
Reform the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act nmitchell 4 Comments
Remove unfairness of multiple vehicle tax disc costs Elsie 4 Comments
Scrap the Minimum Wage Alessandre 4 Comments
Say NO to 08 Numbers Joanne 4 Comments
Spent convictions not being disclosed at all on CRB checks flyboy 4 Comments
Regulation of Railways Act 1889 – criminalising people travelling without a train ticket Victor1990 4 Comments
Abolish Road Tax-Discs RJNewtonHowes 4 Comments
Ban loud exhausts from use on public roads gjb 4 Comments
Give the police powers to stop loud music from noisy neighbours elderlylady 4 Comments
Make tinted motorcycle helmet visors legal tomburns 4 Comments
Abolish the Welsh Assembly Kylie17 4 Comments
Bring back capital punishment for paedophiles, rapists & murderers lrodgers 4 Comments
Lower marriage visa age back from 21 to 18 jkdd77 4 Comments
Street parking permit syednoor 4 Comments
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