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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Violent Crime Reduction Act Ilister 3 Comments
Repeal 1997 Protection from Harassment Act repeal97act 3 Comments
Global shift in attitudes towards cannabis-UK response? kzaman 3 Comments
Scrap the BBC licence fee capability 3 Comments
We want the governement to explain this –Sativex– vs–Cannabis– bullshit 3 Comments
Remove Speed Cushions. They are can cause pain to passengers and damage vehicles reginald 3 Comments
Ban private parking companies. RachelN 3 Comments
Restore the right to own Firearms Bisleyanyone 3 Comments
Drop law to phase out FM broadcasting. tanuki 3 Comments
SCRAP TV LICENSE dieudonne 3 Comments
Get out of the EU rolloreid 3 Comments
Abolition of the House of Lords ianrmillard 3 Comments
Legalise Sale of Snus in the UK bertieb 3 Comments
Denationalise the BBC; abolish the TV licence. freedom91 3 Comments
Review the ORCON target for ambulance services salience 3 Comments
70mph on motorways is too slow richiepooh 3 Comments
Remove the rediculous restriction on right handed sidecars sergentcolon 3 Comments
Abolish Part P of Building Regulations QTanton 3 Comments
Free Water Butts for every home DACargill 3 Comments
Make child maintenance payments tax deductible CharlesOliver1964 3 Comments
Reduce road tax for historic cars to 25 years jcain1 2 Comments
Stop compulsory fitting of Water Meters IZZY 2 Comments
Listed Buildings Act – make “de-listing” easier KingoftheWoad 2 Comments
Free The Naked Rambler atlantical 2 Comments
Combine pension and deferred state pension claims horrorsbob 2 Comments
Stopping the disenfranchisement of expatriate British citizens. DontTakeMyVote 2 Comments
Abolish the Victim Support surcharge. nickaitch 2 Comments
Reduce restrictions for dog walkers SteveKetteringham 2 Comments
Ammend The Housing Act 2004 riggers 2 Comments
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