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Law Change Idea Author Comments
SCRAP TV LICENSE dieudonne 3 Comments
Free Water Butts for every home DACargill 3 Comments
Repeal Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act grumpygrandad 3 Comments
Make child maintenance payments tax deductible CharlesOliver1964 3 Comments
Mothers blackmailing fathers patriciabridget 3 Comments
70mph on motorways is too slow richiepooh 3 Comments
The CSA need more powers to obtain information from self-employed parents modowd 3 Comments
Charge for Listed Building etc applications nfagan 3 Comments
Bicycles should be exempt from VAT petrolhead 3 Comments
Banning Retrospective Planning Applicatiopns MrGee33 3 Comments
Allowing low impact development on agricultural land dannyb 3 Comments
Abolish either CQC or the General Dental Council duckso 3 Comments
Parking tickets issued by post when cars are driven away. TARQUIN 3 Comments
Equal representation for women joanthewad 3 Comments
No Licence Vehicles Pauld 3 Comments
Spent convictions table and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. canwedoit 3 Comments
Stop using CCTV cameras for traffic enforcement Shivers 3 Comments
Remove the ‘broken white line’ clause of Highway code 130 Fixador 3 Comments
Abolish the TV licence rubyjane 3 Comments
Legalise building and selling computers jonnyt 3 Comments
Scrap the toll booths at the M25 Dartford Crossing citizensmith 3 Comments
Consensual BDSM activities should not be a criminal offence GrahamM 3 Comments
Ban Positive Discrimination ThreeOne 3 Comments
Ladies sanitary wear hookit 2 Comments
No state school may take parents’ religion into account as an admission criteria stevehill 2 Comments
Adoption, social services and the family courts michaelpenn 2 Comments
That people who wish to associate together should not be forbidden to do so. junican 2 Comments
Reform Council Tax Discount for Single Person Residence SELAW 2 Comments
Remove listed orders for private owned homes aamer 2 Comments
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