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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Motorcycle Exhaust Noise Levels zulu6 2 Comments
Restore Imperial Units of measurement – everywhere. RandomElectron 2 Comments
MINOR CRIMINAL RECORDS must be deleted JtaylorJ 2 Comments
Scrap the 90 Day notice. (Employment Contracts) williamsmethurst 2 Comments
Permitted Development Rights – Planning JWarton 2 Comments
Reform of the use of Statutory Instruments SDR 2 Comments
CSA – remove the link between access for the NRP and level of contribution theelephantman 2 Comments
No state school may take parents’ religion into account as an admission criteria stevehill 2 Comments
Move road duty and insurance into petrol prices ianf 2 Comments
Adoption, social services and the family courts michaelpenn 2 Comments
That people who wish to associate together should not be forbidden to do so. junican 2 Comments
Repeat Prescriptions sunny 2 Comments
Ladies sanitary wear hookit 2 Comments
Classic/Historic Cars & VED lesliebutton 2 Comments
Outbuilding 2.5m height restriction planning law wlane 2 Comments
Stop the Government Stealing ‘Adoptable’ Children FayWilliams 2 Comments
Scrap MPs rights to claim for food allowance mainly shopping mwilde 2 Comments
Stop women being held in custody or arrested by male police officers TaraADavison 2 Comments
Abandon the plans to switch off analogue radio Dralon 2 Comments
Stop Solicitors stealing from the Dead, – repeal the Solicitors Act 1974. crfc 2 Comments
20 mph speed limits in villages brianwhyatt 2 Comments
Remove listed orders for private owned homes aamer 2 Comments
Compensate motorists who successful appeal parking tickets seanhodges2 2 Comments
‘Ban Smoking in all public outdoor eating areas and outside Pub entrances’ hudsonhornet 2 Comments
Restore our right to bare arms. DavidNic901 2 Comments
Stop paying state pensions and child benefit to the wealthy Nitram 2 Comments
30 mph repeater signs are illegal milessinclair 2 Comments
Stop building houses on arable/farm land amylou 2 Comments
Abolish the London Congestion Charge to get London working kburns 2 Comments
Stop the 3% Water Extraction Licence fee (tax) for Domestic Hydro Power paulb487 2 Comments
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