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The UK public have submitted 13383 law change ideas relating to Your Freedom.

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Law Change Idea Author Comments
Allow all customers to take leftovers home in a doggy bag electroRoss 2 Comments
Part P Abolition and Electrician Licensing gdrewitt 2 Comments
Remove DEFRA travel route restrictions for pet dogs and cats with correct veterinary treatments dwall 2 Comments
Increase ALL women’s wages by 12.2 per cent sjp19 2 Comments
R18 TV: Allow adults to see R18 porn on TV with safety controls lessimon 2 Comments
Equal Rights for Fathers jgregory 2 Comments
Permitted Development Rights – Planning JWarton 2 Comments
Reform of the use of Statutory Instruments SDR 2 Comments
Repeal the Firearms Act 1968 and amendments fac 2 Comments
Scrap the Drivers CPC for HGV Drivers AlistairScott 2 Comments
Allow Purchase of as many Painkillers as needed jdodkins 2 Comments
Forced adoption of children in secrecy LaraineA 2 Comments
Repeat Prescriptions sunny 2 Comments
Move road duty and insurance into petrol prices ianf 2 Comments
Abolish 0870 and 0845 numbers tuppennyblue 2 Comments
CCTV Rules and Regs – a proposal for their use. dmcenroe 2 Comments
Classic/Historic Cars & VED lesliebutton 2 Comments
Social Housing Tenants To Live Rent Free after 25 years of rental Payment. Brettuk 2 Comments
Outbuilding 2.5m height restriction planning law wlane 2 Comments
Remove the 25Kw restriction for motorcyclists under 21 Chris0508r 2 Comments
Stop or reduce CSA payments for mothers who stop fathers seeing their children cityslicker 2 Comments
Reform the Party Wall Act to streamline building projects and protect consumers from huge bills kathyli 2 Comments
30 mph repeater signs are illegal milessinclair 2 Comments
Ban HGV vehicles from using the outer 2 lanes on 4 lane motorways Parison 2 Comments
Stop building houses on arable/farm land amylou 2 Comments
Limit Listed Building regulation to public features listed StanleyMackintosh 2 Comments
‘Ban Smoking in all public outdoor eating areas and outside Pub entrances’ hudsonhornet 2 Comments
Restore our right to bare arms. DavidNic901 2 Comments
Allow access to 1921 Census now Silversurfer 2 Comments
Noisy Helicopters – scrap the CAA Regulations allowing low flying studebaker47 2 Comments
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