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Change motoring offences

Comment 4th February 2016

Change the rules based system of offences to something that reflects real life:

Instead of arbitrary speed limits, dumb speed cameras, and mobile vans that lurk in pleasant spots on nice days where there is no crash risk, introduce risk-based checks, such as policemen hiding where children might run out between cars, and filming motorists cutting blind corners. All such police should have video cameras on their helmets and for all offences, send the video to the motorist, whether he is to be prosecuted or warned.

Why does this matter?

By exposing drivers to simulated dangers, it is like a flight simulator training pilots for emergencies you hope they will never encounter, but if they do, their reflexes will do the right thing.

As it is, drivers keep an eye out for yellow boxes in the air, rather than real dangers on the ground: children playing, cars pulling out or blind turnings.

And don't get me started on the flawed statistical assumptions behind speed camera siting. Just google "speed camera regression to the mean".

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