Change publishing laws and prevent sexually provocative pictures appearing in public.

The publishing laws that allow sexually provocative photographs to be on the front of newspapers should be changed to allow them only to be on the inside of the publication.  Newspapers are displayed in many public places without any regard for the civil liberties of the general public walking past.  If pornographic pictures are to be available to buy easily then that's fine; they should just be kept out of view of those children and adults who don't want to see them.

Why does this idea matter?

Frighteningly, we are now seeing young children accused of rape.  Who is to say whether there is a direct link between what 7 or 8 year old boys see on the front of a paper and what they subsequently do with girls at a party, but surely it would be better for our society if children were protected from something which is patently for adults' eyes only?  The rape accusation is the very small tip of a very large iceberg.  Children are sexually aware at a very early age and are not allowed to be children any more – every area of the media gives them permission to be mini-adults almost as soon as they can read.  How are those images playing in their minds?  What messages are they getting?  What is it inviting them to do?  I could go on but I think that it is a complete no-brainer – remove sexually provocative images from the public's gaze and it will surely contribute towards making our society better.  I know that TV and the computer provide the same images and far worse, but they require positive action to access them.  Walking into Smith's or past a news-stand on the pavement should be something we can do without coming face to face with yet another naked bottom.  Children don't need to see those images and adults maybe want to choose when to see those images.   Please can we protect our children, and allow adults to walk down the street without feeling offended or compromised?

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