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Change The Access To Work Rules

Comment 10th July 2010

This fund is meant for disabled people who need help to support them getting back into work.  However, if you are a housebound person, you cannot access these grants in order to set up working from home. 

This fund is suppose to help fund training courses etc. It was suppose to be for supporting people back into higher education or to fund equipment so that you can do the the job, however, at the moment don't bank on recieving any help at all especiallty,  if you are housebound, you have no chance because the Access to Work fund will not even help there, so bascially right now the scheme is useless, as it blocks anyone trying to get started.

Even if there was a fund that was an interest free loan, that could help you start up, it would go along way getting people off benefit and back into work. With being disabled, the banks won't help either with trying to set up, so you are in a catch 22 situation.

So if you need some office equipment to get you going, you have no chance to set up, because the Access to work team say that you have to already working.

So there is at the moment a contradiction withing the rules.

You cannot work without tools to do a job effectively, yet if you cannot access the grant to support you hit a brick wall.

At the moment, if you are a housebound disabled person, you are discriminated against getting any help so that you can work from home which I do find very wrong, because there are many housebound disabled people like myself, who would certainly benefit from a little help.

Why does this matter?

The funding system is contradictory in terms. It will help people already in work not anyone trying to get into work.  So really there isn't any Access to Work for disabled people and it is also discriminates against housebound people.

It would help millions of people get started back into employment, and if you gave those people a tax break for 12 months so that they can build up their funds a little for their little business and help pay off the loan. It would be a good advantage.


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