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Change the current law on fireworks

Comment 25th July 2010

Fireworks should only be able to be used by the general public on November 5th and 31st December.  The noise is deeply distressing to some people and animals, both agricultural and household pets.  The distress caused to these animals sometimes results in fatal injury, and in my opinion if distress is caused to animals, then there is a criminal offence under the animal welfare law.

Why does this matter?

Having owned pets for several years, I have noticed fireworks getting louder and louder causing more distress each year to my pets.  This distress does not only last whilst the fireworks are on, but can then cause further behavioural problems relating to other sudden loud noises.  Almost every person I know with pets has the same opinion, but will not say or do anything about it. 

Injuries, sometimes fatal happen as a result of fireworks and in my opinion this means that there is an offence under the Animal Welfare legislation.

There are now "quiet" fireworks which are virtually silent.  There is no reason why these cannot be used as an alternative.  They are still visually impressive, but do not cause disturbance to either people or animals. 

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.  Why do we feel the need to celebrate the life of someone who tried to do this?

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