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Change the housing laws and remove the care in the community myth

Comment 16th July 2010

Please repeal the law which made it possible for dangerous mentally ill people to come out of places where they were cared for to live in the community so called and share housing with law abiding tenants in social housing. There is no care in the community and this term has been and still is used as an excuse for avoiding responsibility by the hopeless social services who want to impose their work onto untrained, unpaid volunteers, who are the unfortunate neighbours who have to share a roof with these often violently disturbed people. It is impossible and gravely upsetting to live with some of these residents who are often unable to look after themselves and might also need drink or drugs. Tenants are NOT social workers and should not have to bear the brunt of this official malaise.

Why does this matter?

There is much wrong in housing for the un wealthy. Dangerously ill  people should not be dumped in flats willy nilly by housing organisations who then refuse to take any responsibility for them and also refuse to help their neighbours with the problems which they have given them. It's very wrong. Much reform needs to be made in this area. May I repeat that Care in the Community has proven time and time again that it simply doesn't work!! It is time that social services departments stopped denying their professional responsibilities.

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