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Change the laws regarding ‘classified’ information

Comment 27th July 2010

The laws governing what information is deemed 'classified' are clearly being abused. One example is the withholding of the information surrounding the death of Dr. Kelly.   Another is the information on the investigation into child pornography in which Government ministers were implicated and which Tony Blair buried as 'classified' , not to be made public for 70 years. 

The 'excuse' was that many of the prominent people whose names appeared on the list of those who had accessed a child pornography site, and paid with their credit card, had had their identities stolen.  This is YET TO BE PROVED.  In US charges have been filed against people on that list and are being pursued through the courts.  So, either there was some validity in the information or there wasn't.

If this had happened to ordinary people, there would, rightly, have been a ful criminal enquiry.  Unless you advocate one law for the ordinary people and one law for those in positions of power and trust, these and other issues must be declassified and investigated thoroughly.

The laws as they stand are being used to protect members of our Government from the public scutiny to which they should be subjected in any real Democracy.

As a UK national, I must insist on the principle that the Government's duty is to serve the people, and that it is the duty of the public to scrutinise the Government and impose checks and penalites where that is necessary.

The abuse of the 'national security' laws to bury and hide wrong doing on the part of this Government is a gross infringement of our civil liberties and effectively prevents the public from doing its very important duty of scrutinising and monitoring Government activities and Government Ministers.  Therefore it is a crime against the UK people and against democracy.

According to research which has been done, only about 5% of the information which is being withheld from the British pubic  relates to genuine 'national security' issues.

The other 95% of that wrongly withheld information should be released, so that we the public can do our very important duty of monitoring our representatives.

So I call on you, Deputy Prime Minister, to restore our democratic and civil rights and release all the information improperly held as classified and repeal the laws which make this abuse possible.

Why does this matter?

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