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Change the way Child Support Ageny laws work.

Comment 1st July 2010


I am a 27yr old male who has 2 children, My first child was conceived as part of a marrage but unfortunately my wife met another man who was finacially better off and decided to leave. My second child child was conceived in a loving relationship where again my partner left after meeting a man on the internet who was finacially better off. I have never met my first child as my ex-wife lives very far from me, and my ex-girlfriend has moved in with her new partner who has a jealous approh to our friendship. Again this results in me not seeing my child because I cannot risk 'upsetting' him. My problem is I am still expected to pay a large chunk of what little wages I get to 'support' my child, which I see being spent on the mothers own 'things' and not my childrens.

 My idea is twofold, 1 If the resident partner decides to leave for another partner because of cheating or sexual gratification. And the partner has no good reason for leaving (e.g. was not a victim of domestic violence, they were not the ones left or cheated on etc). Then they should forfiet any rights to financial support from the abandoned non-resident partner.Especially if the non-resident partner is given no access to their child.

2 If it is found that the resident partner has a guenuine claim for support from their ex, then the support money should be padi to the government to assist with payment for benefits or (and this is the one I prefer) The paid monies should be placed into an account to be saved for when the child reaches 16 or 18 so that the child can benefit from a good start in life and the money not be wasted on 'nights out' or 'Luxuries' for the resident parent.

Why does this matter?

Their are too many farthers, and indeed a few mothers. Who are paying large sums of money to partners who were unfaithful and self-creating of their relationship break up of which the money they receive is spent on their own 'delights' rather than the childs and I thought that is what the CSA is for, THE CHILDREN. Also a non-resident parent should ALWAYS have the right to see their children and if that is not granted then they should not have to pay anything.

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