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Changes to Employment Tribunal Claims

Comment 4th August 2010

The time limit imposed on Employment Tribunal Claims is far too short. By the time the average worker has decided they have been unfairly treated and then found that "free advice" is almost impossible to obtain the deadlines have already been exceeded. Even in cases where Trade Unions are involved, unless your Rep is an expert and is not already snowed under with work you can exceed the time limits or submit a substandard claim.

In cases where Equality Legislation applies many cases are being lost on 'technicalities' even though discrimination has occurred.

The system is supposed to help the victims but without legal representation you are at a massive disadvantage. This is unjust.

Why does this matter?

This is important because employers are getting away with breaking the rules on equality and discrimination.

As a nation we cannot be proud that we recognise Equality in law but don't actually uphold it in practice.

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