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changes to the laws regarding fraud

Comment 8th July 2010

To change the laws regarding fraud against a person or company.

Why does this matter?


It would appear from both personal experience, and that of friends, that the law is totally inadequate with regards dealing with fraud against an individual or company.  We have spent many thousands of pounds attempting to seek justice against a former business partner who – to put it crudely – had his hand in the till.  Because this was a civil matter, the burden was on us to prove the wrongdoing and seek some kind of justice.  However eventually – having run up over £40,000 in costs, we had to drop the case and the person in question has got away scott free.  In another caseretr friends of ours actually lost their successful business as a result of a corrupt business associate.  Again the onus, and cost, was on them to seek retribution.  They were made penniless by the demise of their business – solely as a result of this man's conduct – and were financially unable to pursue it.  The man in question got away with the fraud to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds.  It strikes me as crazy that we have a situation where the police might prosecute a shoplifter for stealing a packet of biscuits, or a shop assistant taking money from the till, however when the sums are huge, the devastation immense, and the method of theft is fraud, it would appear there is nothing the police are willing or able to do about it.

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