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Charge anyone needing hospital treatment caused by excessive drinking.

Comment 7th July 2010

It is against the civil liberty of a taxpayer to fund treatment for people who have a choice either to drink to excess or not.

If they choose to get themselves into a life threatening state of inebriation, they should rightly receive treatment, that's just.  But it's unjust that the rest of us should pay for it.,

The person needs to be given a proper bill for treatment.  Given an invoice for £2000 on leaving, they may think twice before going quite that far a second time.

Why does this matter?

We need to fight binge drinking.  You can still have a good time without becomming paralytic, but if you do, and you need help, you must pay for that help.  Why should the poorest in our country have to contribute through taxes to people unable toi control themselves as they haven't grown up yet.

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