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Charge for Binge Drinking

Comment 22nd July 2010

The NHS should charge people who are drunk, Binge drinking not only damages peoples health but also people around them and the facilities they abuse.

Binge drinking costs the country 20 Billion according to a government report  With 1.7 billion pounds in costs alone for the NHS.

The NHS charges for car accidents so why don't they charge for binge drinking/ Self inflicted.


Ok anyone who has a drink can have a fall but anyone who is excessively drunk and has to be admitted should have a blood test and if the level of alcohol is high then charge them for it.  Say 2 times the current legal driving limit. And no im not saying it is acceptable to  drink and drive. Just trying to sort out a minature safety net for the innocent revelleer and social drinker.

Why does this matter?

Cut down on unesscessary costs.  If people went out to get bladdered and knew they would get charged a minimum price for treatmen. WOULD it deter them from irresponsible drinking

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