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child abuse (are social worker’s hands tied)

Comment 6th August 2010

Social workers must be given the powers to enter a home where a a child is suspected to be at risk.

The recent case of Khyra Ishaq who was starved and badly abused until she died, is an example of social workers inabilities to do their job, as they do not have sufficient powers.

They visited this house on at least seven occasions and only twice briefly glimpsed poor Khyra. They were unable to assess her condition.

Social workers should be able to call on police if necessary to force entry and insist on seeing a child in a way sufficient to enable them to assess the mental and physical condition of the child properly.

Why does this matter?

The social services say these things happen because they are overwhelmed by problems and paperwork.

If they visit each case seven times and get nowhere it is not surprising they are overwhelmed, they are working at zero efficiency.

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