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Child Benefit – Time to pay for your own progeny

1 Comment 23rd August 2010

Isn't it about time that those among us who wish to perpetuate the species, pay for their upkeep.

In a modern society it is unthinkable that those tax payers who do not have children, (for whatever reason), should be asked to pay towards their maintenance.

If you can't afford to support them – don't have them!

One would not ask a neighbour to help pay towards ones mortgage or the car service, or even towards maintenance of ones wife – so why their children?

The idea of paying people to replicate is outdated – unless of course the government are anticipating another world war.

Why does this matter?

The amount of tax payers money expended children, whether as benefit or free milk etc should be shouldered by those who want them.

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One Response to Child Benefit – Time to pay for your own progeny

  1. lorna says:

    stop putting people down with children not everyone is the same as the next im sick of people looking down there nose at people with children ,that are not in work its not always that case a lot of people have children and still pay there way stop being so stuck up !

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