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Child Tax Credit vs Food

Comment 7th July 2010

If the government thought that child tax credit was costing too much, why not consider the following:

Remove child tax credits for families earning over the average.

For those families who would benefit from receiving the benefit, why not reduce the amount of money given to them and instead offer free breakfast and lunches at school for those children. This would reduce the tax burden to the country and enable those families that need the benefit to have some money towards the care of the children but more importantly, it would enable those children from those families to have a healthy meal twice a day for most of the week.  

Why does this matter?

It reduces the tax burden to the country

It keeps dinner ladies in jobs

It increases the health of the nation (as studies often show that children from poorer families invariably have worse diets)

It gives parents AND children an incentive to get to school on time.

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