clarify (make clear) the laws on photography in public.

A clear set of rules (laws) to make clear what IS allowed to be photographed in  public places .

And to make the law public ,in the form of a list of rules ,that apply to all .

the current system is unclear and no more than a set of guidelines that are consistently misinterpreted by many police officers and security officers ,leading to a waste of time and money for all concerned. 


Why does this idea matter?

I would like to see a list of areas in the uk published and updated regularly ,where photography is not permitted and an explanation why.

Also a list of rules published ,that can be dpwnloaded and printed , available to all so that no one will be ignorant (left in the dark) about what rules (laws) apply in any given situation.

I recently tried (and failed) to get any sort of clarification on the laws regarding photography in a public place , even asking several police officers who gave widely conflicting interpretations . and some even appeared to be totally ignorant of what the laws actually were .

I think is unfair that serious Photographers are often picked on in public by security officers and police officers for taking pictures (legally and properly) when all around them are people with mobile phone cameras taking pictures of the same subject and not even being approched about it..

It would appear that because we are enthusiastic about our hobby and carry larger more proffesional looking cameras ,we seem to be a target ,to be made an example of ,even though we may be within our rights to be at that place and taking pictures of that particular subject .

I would have thought that the humble mobile phone camera ,pose much more of a threat with regards to security ,and privacy laws .and yet ,it seems that its the genuine enthusiast who is often made an example of .

I do not have a chip on my shoulder ,and personally I have never been stopped .but there have been many cases publicised that show the complete lack of knowledge by security and police alike . I think it is high time the laws are made clear and public ,on this subject .

i believe this change and improvement to the current system willl save a lot of wasted time and money ,for the police ,the courts and ourselves (the public). and is long overdue.

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