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Clear labelling needed for ethical shoppers

Comment 5th July 2010

Labelling should be consistent in its style across all product ranges, easy to read, and legible.

Having visited Palestine and seen at first hand the one race only settlements built on ethnically cleansed land, supported by roads whose usage depends overwhelmingly on your race, and fed mainly with water allocated according to race, I choose not to buy Israeli products.

However, mislabelling, which sees the name of a town, but not the country mentioned, and unclear labelling, which sees small or illegible print positioned in a way which makes it impossible or very difficult to read, denies moral shoppers the opportunity to choose sensibly or boycott according to conscience.

Why does this matter?

We should be able to make an informed choice of what we buy, and boycott or choose another products for ethical reasons.

All fruit and vegetables should show clearly the country of origin, so that a choice can be made not only on moral grounds, but ecological ones as well (goods from the other side of the world).

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