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Clegg snubs cannabis users and will not legalise cannabis

Comment 20th July 2010

British cannabis users are angry and feel let down by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats after he says he will not legalise the plant.

In an interview with the Independent newspaper, Mr Clegg was asked by Chris Peasron of Taunton "The legalisation and taxation of cannabis could generate millions of pounds of tax revenue, and allow the formation of a new industry. Would you consider doing this for the benefit of society as a whole? "

Mr Clegg replied:"No. I believe drugs policy should follow the advice of the scientific experts, and their view is that cannabis should remain illegal."

A spokesman for the LCA, said : "I am appalled at this last minute statement in which he says he supports the continued prohibition of this extremely useful and beneficial plant, leaving users out in the cold and exposed to uncontrolled drug dealers.

"It is not decriminalisation of possession or a policy of telling the police not to arrest us for possession, that we want, and it is not yet another inquiry – the evidence already exists that cannabis is remarkably safe and that its prohibition has been a very costly failure.

"We want respect, social inclusion, and the protection of the law just like for those that choose to drink alcohol and do no harm to others.


Did anyone think that clegg or cameron were really going to address your freedoms?

Unless Clegg actually addreses the issue, then he is Toast and quite probably will be the deputy prime minister for the shortest time on record – then he will be history


Why does this matter?

Does anyone actually think that Nick clegg is a force for good in politics, and quite frankly all our efforts on this forum are a complete waste of time – wave good bye to the old Boss – Gormless Gordon, say hello to the new boss – same as the old one

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