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Comment 5th July 2010


This government funded organisation is ineffective, expensive to run, and of little benefit to the very types of organisations they are supposed to support with sound advice and options.

They cost us what?????  To pass out brochures!  They are in my limited opinion a joke and not worthy of asking for sound commercial advice. 

I think the organisation is useless and like the Emporer in his birthday suit- they provide little value.  Very few of them actually know anything about the coalface of commerce.   

Streamline this type of signposting without big fancy buildings, a huge wage bill, expensive furnishings – and advice from staff who are quite frankly (largely) failed business owners. 

Please find other means and at lower cost, (in this regard) to support innovation, and young or fledging businesses. 

Engage a small core think tank to manage this service offering, and everyone else becomes self employed consultants that prosper and grow by their TANGIBLE and Measurable  contributions to young businesses.

Stop the gravy train in it's tracks. 

Charge fees for value added worthwhile services, rather than give away useless advice or opinions.  If the small business owner can't afford a sliding scale fee system- then GET A PAPER ROUND to save up so you can afford to pay for support and advice. 

It becomes a valuable resource that is worth paying for- a new profit centre for the National Purse.  Instead of free lunches for freeloaders on both sides of the equation, that serve little purpose or chance of affecting our balance of trade.  For the cost of 12 people on the think tank and everyone else self employed consultants that earn from the REAL work they do and provide.  


Why does this matter?

The current service offering by this organsiation is a waste of taxpayers money.

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