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Close the British Enbassy in Dubai?

Comment 19th July 2010
Should we close the British Embassy in Dubai as it seems incapable of doing the job we pay its staff to do?
British subject, strategy advisor Nicholas Warner, is sleeping rough on the streets of Dubai, where Summer temperatures rise to 50 c, he desperately needs the help of our embassy: yet they appear to be doing little to help him. A report about Mr Warner is on the BBC news online website at present.
Mr Warner went overseas last Christmas, following a dispute with his bank over credit card payments. His bank says that due leaving the country without its permission while they were in dispute, he has been reclassified as a so-called "debt skipper". Mr Warner was not a debt skipper, he did return, but when he arrived back at Dubai airport, he was arrested and his passport was seized by police on the authority of his bank. Problems with the authorities are frowned on in Dubai. Mr Warner had been working as a strategy adviser, but his employer laid him off while he sorted out this problem.

Mr warner was left destitute, unemployed and unemployable: he cannot get a job without a passport nor can he come home to UK without one.

Four months ago, Mr Warner sold all the furniture in his house and took the money to the bank. It was just enough to cover the £6,000 the bank said, with extortionate interest, he owed at that time.

However, Mr Warner says his offer was rejected. He says he was told that with interest and charges, he now needed to pay nearer £11,500.

Mr Warner's wife returned to her native Spain and he lost his house. So now he's destitute, unemployed and unemployable, homeless and living rough on the streets in searing temperatures. How long before he's picjed up by the police and thrown in prison?

Why has our British Embassy not helped this man? Why have they not negotiated the return of Mr Warner's passport to allow his return home? He's a British subject in dire trouble and at risk, sleeping on the streets of Dubai. Mr Warner has done everything he can to repay the inflated bank charges levied against him.

Mr Warner must have an MP who may be able to help him. The BBC's

Why does this matter?

If British embassy staff will not help Britons stranded overseas all British holidaymakers, employees and business people are at risk and Britons are reduced to second class citizens.

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