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Clubs and Voluntary Associations Corp Tax Red Tape

Comment 13th July 2010

Please reinstate the £10k threshold re submission of a Corporation Tax Return which was removed two years ago.    I run a voluntary association staffed by non-paid members of the community.     All surpluses which are invariably less than £10k get re-invested in the community yet we have to submit a CT return annually.     Gifts to charities from the Association are tax deductible but it means we have to be very careful to ensure we time our gifts to avoid paying CT  unnecessarily.     Please re-instate the £10k threshold or exempt clubs and associations.     

Why does this matter?

Over the past 2 years, we have exchanged copious amounts of correspondence with HMRC, submitted 2 tax returns and paid the grand sum of £62 in CT.   It's a big waste of everyone's time.


This will greatly assist community groups and cut down considerable amounts of admin both at the voluntary associations and at HMRC

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