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Codified Constitution

Comment 7th July 2010

Introduce a way to entrench laws in the uk and use that to write and codify a UK constitution. Although there is currently no way to entrench anything and it can be argued that if an act was introduced it is just an act of parliament and can be easily removed, a way to get around this would be to have a binding referendum on the matter, this would stop any future government removing it.

Why does this matter?

A codified constituiton would restrict the power the government has and would stop them abusing it. It would make it much easier to find the constitution in one document and this creates less confusion. It would also make it easier for the other branches of government to challenge the legaslative.

Most importantly it would mean our human rights wwould be better protected from the government because it would clearly outline the relationship between the state and the citizens.

The only way to amend or change a codified constitutuion would be to have a referendum on it which is more democratic.

We are the ones that elect the government, they are suppost to be accountable to us, a codified constitution would ensure this and help stop corruption.

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