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Common Land right to roam

Comment 22nd July 2010

In the 16th and 17th Century common land was taken from the English people and given by act of parliament to others who already had more than enough land for its ‘improvement.’ as this was a great act of ‘theft’ from people who needed that land to survive and graze their animals, hunt for food and collect fire wood. I believe it should now be possible to restore some of this land to the English people for similar uses. It will require the land to have caste iron trust status, so this land can never be built on, but those who have commons rights to a piece of land (one of which could be the current owner) should decide on its usage within limitation.

In connection with this and another idea posted, I believe there are far to many fences and railings on what is essentially public land. I think they should all be removed unless there is good reason with a notice which states why the fencing is there and who is managing the land concerned on behalf of the public.

Why does this matter?

This is especially important as people attempt greater self sufficiency, and in some case have had to beg or borrow land for council and neighbours, it would be more appropriate that the land that once belonged to them in common should be returned, I think all this land should be audited for its current usage and put on the map, and those who would have rights to made aware of their rights and responsibilities. With appropriate penalties for infringements.

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