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Community rail regulations and insurance

Comment 5th July 2010

I do voluntary work for the government's community rsil partnership which has revolutionised our rural rail network since 2004. However, getting the community involved in actaully running rail services; often with volunteers and private sector companies is barred due to excessive health and safety regulations. Whilst we need some health and safety, volunteers are not allowed anywhere near a working railway and precluded from operating rural rail services even in isolated areas. This must change.

The other change is the compensation culture. Even volunteers have to be insured , often at their own cost to work on Network rail land, even if non-operational such as ca parks, due to the compensation mentality. This is sad and precluding greater community involvement in our rail network.

Why does this matter?

Red tape barring voluntary and private sector involvement in community rail is barring full community invoolvement in rural rail, and preventing new ideas and operators which is anti-competitve.

The compensation culture also militates agianst involvement which is counter productive.

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