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Companies House to issue reminders to file accounts

Comment 7th August 2010


Companies House should issue advance reminders to file annual company accounts.


Companies House does not issue reminders to file its legally required documents such as annual returns and company accounts.  It only sends reminders when it is too late to meet the annual deadline.  Once it’s too late, it issues a bill for late filing, which has to be paid. 


The DVLA encourages people to re-tax their motor vehicles by sending them an early paper reminder to do so, in the post.  Vehicles can be re-taxed online.  It’s helpful, timely, convenient, and free. 


I suppose that CH does not do this because it charges £0 to file annual accounts, but makes £750 for late filing.  

Why does this matter?


Because small land management companies (like the one that I run, owning and caring for the 30m long private estate road off which I live) get hit for the penalty charge of £750 if I am one day late.   I am the company secretary.  Our company exists only to own the road and the footpaths.  It does not trade in anything, and makes no profit or loss.  


This is even though the accounts (whether missing or on time) only show ‘no trading, nothing in, nothing out, no profit, no loss, no tax to pay, same shareholdings as last year’ year after year for the last sixteen years.  It’s a nil report showing nothing, but we still get whacked £750 for that nil report. 


It’s a government tax on my inefficiency, but by following the example of government efficiency from the DVLA, it could be better for the government and cheaper for companies.  

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