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Comment 6th August 2010

If you help to end the life of a loved one on compassionate grounds  who is suffering, then surely the law should be able to distinguish the difference between what they have done compared to a cold blooded killer.   Surely the word we all see clearly here is Compassion.  

To judge them on equal terms has always seemed wrong to me and the law is well over due to being changed.

Why does this matter?

The people who are opposed to this idea use words like Kill and Murder for dramatic effect.  They try to make it sound as though we would like to cull all ailing people.  

This couldn't be further from the truth.  The law must allow us to have dignity on our death bed and to give us and our loved ones the power to end life when the medical profession can no longer help.  The safe guards being discussed to put this bill through are very well researched and documented.  It would not be a case of allowing a relative to get a bit fed up and take things into their own hands.

If we allowed an animal to suffer unduly because we didn't take it to the vet when they need to be put to sleep, we would be prosecuted for cruelty.  We allow this suffering to continue to our loved ones because we would be prosecuted to do anything to help them.  

This cannot be allowed to continue and the votes by the general public reflect this.

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