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Compensation culture NHS

Comment 3rd July 2010

I am not a medical practitioner, but I have been involved as a manufacturer of medical products and equipment for nearly 30 years.  My experience includes running businesses worldwide and spells working and living outside the UK.

Whilst restoring 'Crown Immunity' would be the wrong terminology and the wrong step, I would like to see an abolition of compensation for medical errors, as opposed to medical malpractice.  I would extend this to other government services, including Social Services.  

Why does this matter?

Following a medical error or accident, it is clear that the NHS and the state will have responsibility for the consequences, including further medical treatment and disability payments.  I do not agree that diverting large sums of money and immeasurable amounts of management time  from investment in the service to paying compensation will in any way eliminate human errors or shortcomings.

A change of this type, would bring us into line with our past practice, when the standard of the NHS was high in international comparison and into line with a country such as the Netherlands, which has a very high standard of health care, highly valued by the citizens of that country.

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