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Compensation for people prosecuted and found not guilty

2 Comments 20th August 2010

People who are prosecuted for an offence and found not gulty should be given some compensation for the inconvenience they have gone through and the damage to their reputation.

Why does this matter?

The legal system is here to protect us.  All of us.  It must protect us from criminals and it must also protect us from unfair prosecutions and the inconvenience that causes the innocent as well as the damage to their reputation.

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2 Responses to Compensation for people prosecuted and found not guilty

  1. Tim Millington says:

    This is definitely a good idea and I cannot believe that this is not already the case!

    Why should an innocent man be left financially worse off, inconvenienced and embarrassed due to a false accusation.

    It may also make the police think twice before charging a suspect without evidence

  2. Marion Brown says:

    I was acused of the worst thing after a night out my mate called my son a few names .Im no proud but it should have been end. She said I slept with a kid. Facing court was hard even not guilty meant nothing

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