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Compulsory voting

Comment 5th July 2010

In addition: voters would also be required to pass a plain-English multiple choice test assessing their (factual!) knowledge of current events (or an online version, with randomly generated questions so as to prevent plagiarism).

No one would be able to vote without passing (at e.g. 70%).

Categories tested would cover relevant national and international concerns (e.g., economy, education, european union, business). 

This general knowledge test would be administered by an independent, apolitical body, perhaps as a condition of registering on the electoral roll. Individual registration would be instituted across the UK.

Could package it with Alternative Voting. 

Why does this matter?

Participation has steadily declined .

Would engage disenfranchised voters in formal politics, possibly beyond the act of voting.

Voting should be a civic duty, not just a right!


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