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Concealed weapons license

Comment 9th September 2010

I suggest introducing concealed weapons licenses, which would operate on a similar system to firearm licenses, where by you apply at your local police station and they do background checks etc and if they feel you can be trusted then you shall be issued with a license.

Furthermore, I suggest legalising tazers and pepperspray which could be bought at licensed shops where you must show your license in order to purchase them

Anyone caught carrying a weapon without a lisence should still face jail.

Why does this matter?

When you're a victim of a random attack, abduction etc then you don't have time to call the police and using force is the only option unless you want to be killed and my idea would make it an even fight, since criminals carry weapons anyway.

Plus, it would be easier for police to tell who's carrying weapons for a good reason and who's doing it for the wrong reasons. 

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