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Confession evidence alone not enough for a prosecution

Comment 20th June 2020

Well, simply as the title says. Confession evidence alone in criminal cases should not be enough for a prosecution, and should always need to be backed up with other evidence.

Why does this matter?

It is all to easy during criminal investigations for the police to use coercive techniques to elicit self recriminating confessions from potential perpetrators of crime.

There was a time when a right to silence was sacrosanct. As that has now been eroded over time by various pieces of legislation, I think that a rebalance is sorely overdue, and requiring additional evidence either from forensic tests or witness statements must be used in conjunction with any confessions before the CPS refer a case as being in the public interest and therefore able to be prosecuted. Confessions alone should be disallowed on the grounds that there extraction does nothing to protect the weak in our society, but instead punishes those not emotionally strong enough to withstand police interrogation techniques.

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