conservatory red tape / local council job creation exercise

To build a conservatory the council informed me that I should check the .gov website to see if I required planning permission. I consulted the website and I do not.

The council allso informed me that I could check through the microfiches to see if any exclusions were on the property to prevent a conservatory being built or they would do it for us for £75.

When asked to check the records on the property they inform me that a full set of plans must be submitted and that it would be treated as a planning application-why?

They can not apparently just check the records for exclusions -why?

I suggest they offer a check for exclusions on properties for conservatories or any other items that are covered in the .gov website to not need planning permission, as submitting plans for them to look at is just creating work for us and them. Given that the information on the .gov portal is adhered to why put in plans? The only people that even bother to check for exclusions are those trying to do it right anyway most do not bother.

At present the only people that gain from this practise are the council workers by increasing their amount of work at the inconvenience of the public which negates the aim of the .gov planning portal entirely in this respect.

Further rant- why cant I get a job with the local council when I see two lads sitting behind a desk handing out tokens whilst reading car magazines(4 years ago).

I am  56yoa educated to level 4 with a clean record.

Answer I am too old- have no useless degree- would point out all this sort of waste.

Regards and hope this exercise of yours is a success.

Why does this idea matter?

To save waste of resources / cutting the nonsense.

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