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Consolidate the TV license into general taxation

1 Comment 1st July 2010

The TV license should be abolished and the BBC should be funded through general taxation like the ABC is in Australia and the CBC is in Canada.  

Why does this matter?

The TV license is an anachronism and should now be subsumed into general taxation.  Originally, it was the basis of a user-pays system whereby those few people who owned televisions paid for the broadcasting of the programs they were able to watch.  Now that televisions are ubiquitous, it is simply a levy imposed by law on the entire population or, in other words, a tax.  Collecting it separately from all other taxes is pure waste. 

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One Response to Consolidate the TV license into general taxation

  1. magellenproject says:

    If Marconi had fought the UK government a bit stronger back in 1903, we never would of had the Bolsheviks Broadcasting Committee (BBC), and been in the mess we are in today. Maybe his company would of been called something Cool like the Marconi Media Exchange. B-)

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