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continuing healthcare-simplify the process of needs assessment at the very least

Comment 6th July 2010

Why do we have this unfair system? It is subjective and the people who shout the loudest with persistance are more likely to have all health care needs paid for.  The process involves an initial referral requiring the nursing home staff to complete various 'domains'. Once the continuing care officer has this lengthy assessment, they do not accept it . They then call on the home to go through all the paperwork again looking for ,evidence to submit to a further panel to make a judgement.  They  focus on what is complex and unpredictible. Why should some people who are privately funded have all of their care needs funded just because they have difficult  behavior or cannot communicate any of their needs for example?   Why should a 'lesser' candidate have to pay all of there care needs?  Many cases have been awarded this funding and then it has been withdrawn leading to lots of appeals and more paperwork!    We need a system that pays enough money  to care homes to look after people properly and does not penalise elderly people or their families.  

Why does this matter?

It is important to have a fair efficient system. Too much time is wasted filling out forms with duplication of information.

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