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Contracts of Employment

Comment 12th July 2010

Incorporate all Employment Legislation passed over the last 20 years into one Government Code of Good Employment Practice. Make sure the Code is written in clear english. Then repeal all previous legislation and pass a single Act requiring all businessess (particularly small businesses)  to follow the Code. Enforcement of the Code would be via the existing network of Employment Tribunals. All applicants to Tribunals should be asked to pay a fee upfront before they appear. If successful the fee would be refunded. This approach would significantly reduce the influence of the Legal Parasites on UK business.

Why does this matter?

Over the last 25 years, as the quality of Legislators has declined so has the Quality of Legislation passed. (cf Lady Scotland in last Parliament) As the quality of legislation has declined, the volume has increased – an easy way for poor quality legislators to justify their existance! The DPP of the last Government reports of phone calls from members of the government seeking new ideas for legislation – regardless of their utility. I am certain that Headteachers and senior memebers of the Health Service could provide more evidence on this point. As a counterpoint to the decline in quality and the increase in quanitiy of law, the influence of the Legal Profession (the LP's) on all aspects of British life has increased exponentially. We are now close to being a state governed of the basis of "Administartion by Certification" – it doesn't really matter what the "Certification" says – as long as there is a piece of paper. A similar system brought Communism to its knees. As lawyers impose their contracts on more and more parts of the process (and not just the achievement of the goal) so the process imposes penalties for failure and eliminates flexibility, discretion and innovation from the procedures of running the economy. Employment law is a major source of income for lawyers. Simplification would improve everyone's quality of life.

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