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Control of electrical work

Comment 19th August 2010

This is another nanny state regulation and one that probably achieves very little. It relates to what the ordinary person is allowed to do as regards electrical installations/repairs.  In practice, it means that many quite competent but conscientious people cannot now undertake work on their own house without an inspection by the LA to make sure it is correctly done – the cost of the that inspection often makes it impractical as a diy job. On the other hand, the incompetent (and likely less conscientious) person will probably still do the work and just not bother to get it inspected.

By all means have control over complex industrial installations and work undertaken as paid employment but please can we let the ordinary householder get on with his own work.

Why does this matter?

Simply that the requirement is bureaucratic and most unlikely to achieve its aim as the people it is targeting will simply ignore it.

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