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control orders are undemocratic

Comment 27th July 2010

change the law – surely sensitive evidence can be given in private.

Even better also change the hawkish militiaristic approach our government  has taken towards the islamic world since 9/11 ( that is how it is perceived, and that is why the UK is inviting attacks). UK is punching above its weight now – Iraq war was illegal and Afghanistan is a disaster. We are no longer  a world power and cannot afford to behave like one: neither is it in the interests of the people in this crowded island – UK should concentrate on nurturing and healing its own alienated young people, and move away from US policy abroad.

I write this as a white 60 year old professional , mother of two and with no religion. born and bred in GB. I do not support terrorism at all, in any guise. 

Why does this matter?

My impression is that UK is going in the wrong direction, with a less than ideal civil and moral code – legal action is needed to help change the milieu in which we live. 

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